Stop Spending So Much! Idiot (Part 2)

Steaming Services

What are you subscribed to? Hulu? Netflix? Amazon Prime?

  • All of the above? * It’s too easy to subscribe to all of them at once; There are so many out there. Crunchy roll, Curiosity Stream. Those are just from the top of my head. They add up big time! Do you need to watch that much TV? Not only does TV Do NOTHING for you, But it can add to your electric bill AND your monthly bills. If you want to watch the exclusive shows on all of them, Why not try rotating. Have Netflix this month, Hulu next month Etc. Or cancel all of them and wait for all your favorite shows to pile up before subscribing again. I originally had this plan, three months later and I still have no desire to have any “streaming” Accounts. If you must have one, You can even share with friends and family to cut costs.


Clothes are way expensive! If you buy a 20.00 T-Shirt, If you wore it 30 times before getting rid of it. You would have to pay 0.66 per wear. To pay for the shirt. I feel like many of us buy, Buy buy. And the clothes rot in our closets. Before buying something calculate how many times you’d have to wear it to get your money’s worth. Decide how much it costs to wear on a daily basis. To see if it’s worth it. I have this little black dress that I love in my closet. But I’m disappointed. I don’t wear it much. I paid 60.00 for it, three years ago.

I’ve worn it maybe five times. I’ve been paying about 12.00 to wear it.

As much as I love that dress… It doesn’t’ sound worth it.
At that price, I could rent a dress Or borrow one from someone else.

Many clothes won’t even last 30–40 times, So that is why you can also save money by aiming for quality goods. That way you could resell them when you are done, For less than you paid. Or if it doesn’t bother you, you can buy your clothes used from the second-hand store, or go to Thred up.

More Math on it

If you own one week’s worth of clothes, WHich by the way is rare. Most people have 3–4 weeks worth of clothes, possibly more. If you wore all of your week’s clothes, each week for a whole year. That would be about 52 years on your clothes. That would take A YEAR! To get to. If It’s a 20.00 Tee that would be 0.38 cents per wear. So your outfit would probably cost a few dollars per day. That adds up. The “wears” add up slowly. When you’re at the store, Ask yourself. Will I wear this shirt every week for at least a year? When you think like this, You start to become mindful of how you are spending. Many people are obsessed with the daily coffees many people drink from Starbucks. But clothes are more expensive than coffee! Who cares if you spend 5.00 on coffee If you replace your shirts and shoes so often.

You may be easily be spending 10.00 a day just on clothes.


Saving money can have a big impact on peoples lives. It’s not impossible to pay for a vacation, A House Or cars with CASH. Just recently my boyfriend bought himself a nice “Lightly used” Honda. He paid for it IN CASH. The dealer was shocked when he was trying to hook my boyfriend up with financing, ANd my boyfriend refused And paid for the car outright. It’s funny how these days everyone assumes you’ll just do payments.

I just booked us a vacation. WE PAID IN CASH. I also bought my new desktop in cash.

I’m not bragging; You just need to be aware that it’s POSSIBLE! So many people think they have to have a car payment. Heck when we went to book the vacation, we were offered to finance. To pay 30 per month for the next few years. I couldn’t believe it!

By using these tips you can save lots of money and worry less about all these silly little bills on everything.

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Originally published at on July 16, 2017.



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