Mini habits are habits that are so easy; You can’t NOT do them.
They are almost silly.

Passive Bad habits

Many of us have these bad habits, And it can be hard to move past them at times.
Such as

  • Laziness
  • Fear
  • Wasting time.
    Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing these things…

So many of us want to be successful, But So little of us do the right things to get there.
Did you have the self control to NOT click on my post? Because I used a gorgeous woman in a swimsuit as my main photo…
Hahha! Only kidding. Sort of.

Key points

We have this massive internet in front of us. While it’s so vast. There are still many corners that haven’t been filled. Experiences where, If we need help we can’t look to the internet for advice.

Many people may perceive blogging as pointless. Some people were calling blogging “rewriting.”


Starting your own business has so many variables it can be so hard to keep track of them all. When I started my businesses. There was so much I had to learn and fast because I overlooked so many necessary steps! Starting a business is hard! Especially for people who…

Today I had a bizarre experience. So as you may know, I’m in the Merch program.
Well as far as records go, And checking what designs sell. Their set up isn’t very helpful. You can see what designs have sold within 1.5 months. And that’s it. You can also check what…

It’s amazing how powerful our brains work, and how much stuff can easily be going on behind the scenes without us even thinking about it!
Why is it that some people have more advantages than others?
While we may not fully understand the human brain completely. …


Hello! My Name Is Lin Watchorn (Kaylin Art) I’m a self employed Artist, Author and Blogger! Check out my Merch Here

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