We have this massive internet in front of us. While it’s so vast. There are still many corners that haven’t been filled. Experiences where, If we need help we can’t look to the internet for advice.

Many people may perceive blogging as pointless. Some people were calling blogging “rewriting.”

Can blogging have benefits?

You Help Others Out

Sometimes when I need advice. I type in my issue on Google. And look for it. Unfortunately, sometimes I’m unable to find an answer to my problem. Sometimes I just want to read an experience that someone else has been through that is similar to my own…

Starting your own business has so many variables it can be so hard to keep track of them all. When I started my businesses. There was so much I had to learn and fast because I overlooked so many necessary steps! Starting a business is hard! Especially for people who tend to be less decisive. I was amazed by how many decisions I had to make quickly. I didn’t even have a chance to dip my feet in. I was pushed head first!
But hey, That’s how you learn right?

Be careful With Money.

Do you want to take out a loan or fund…

No, I’m not about to encourage you to hold it in! You should never hold in your anger. Anger is a natural emotion that everyone feels sometimes.
You may be completely justified being angry, Whether it’s a situation or a family member. But in the end, it hurts you more than anything.

  • Anger is sometimes easier to feel than hurt! Sometimes we feel more in control when we are angry, Rather than defeated when we hurt.
  • Usually, anger works as a mask to hide the feelings of sadness.

How To Get Rid Of Anger


Sometimes arguments can be counter productive. It depends on the person and…

Today I had a bizarre experience. So as you may know, I’m in the Merch program.
Well as far as records go, And checking what designs sell. Their set up isn’t very helpful. You can see what designs have sold within 1.5 months. And that’s it. You can also check what sold what day etc. This is very helpful. But it’s not quite good enough if you want to see where exactly certain shirts dropped off sell wise. Or if you want the complete history behind a shirt sales.

Why is that important?

Merch gives you upload limits. So if you have a shirt…

It’s amazing how powerful our brains work, and how much stuff can easily be going on behind the scenes without us even thinking about it!
Why is it that some people have more advantages than others?
While we may not fully understand the human brain completely. There are things we can do to help alter whats going in our subconscious mind.

“Average person has approximately up to 60.000 thoughts per day! But the astonishing fact is that 95% of those thoughts are the same from the previous day which leaves us only with 5% new and creative thoughts.” …

Unfortunately these days, It seems that people have lower standards. We take much less than what we deserve. We don’t fight as hard for the things that we want.
We let people take advantage of us, Instead of standing up for ourselves.
At what point will this change?

The difference between Empowering Beliefs and Limiting Beliefs

WE tend to have many thoughts throughout the day! These thoughts can help us, Or hurt us. Limiting beliefs pull us down. It’s amazing how big of an impact your beliefs can have.
You can completely change your life, By changing your beliefs.

Examples Of Limiting Beliefs

  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t have enough…

I needed a break from all the working I’ve been doing. I’ve been so exhausted lately! For those of you who read my post about what happened with my dropshipping store, Its been hurting me financially. For those of you who don’t know, I thought I was going to get paid in one large lump sum, But instead, they are paying me in smaller amounts. With drop shipping, Its normal to use a credit card to buy products for your customers, Because you can usually just pay it back in a week or two. So I’m in a lot of…


Hello! My Name Is Lin Watchorn (Kaylin Art) I’m a self employed Artist, Author and Blogger! Check out my Merch Here https://www.amazon.com/shop/kaylinart

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